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Notes: Fanfiction With A Beat
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Welcome to Notes, an eljay community for all you fanfiction writers who are looking for a slight twist on your normal challenges.

Every second Friday of the month a song will be posted and everyone has to write a short piece with their chosen character/pairing reflecting the song somehow. Whether it's the lyrics, the mood, the feel -- the song has to be the inspiration behind the piece. And I promise it won't be slews of emo songs about slitting wrists and all that. There's gonna be everything from alternative rock to gangsta rap to techno to -- just everything. So if you're a fan of writing and a fan of music, just go with it and see what you can come up with!

Important places:
-- the list of taken characters/pairings
-- the past songs
-- the questions/comments thread


1.) Check the list linked above to make sure the fandom/character/pairing you want isn't taken already. When you decide who you want, comment on the list entry and when I add you to the list, I'll delete your comment (once we start getting some).

1a.) Note: if you choose a FANDOM, you can write about anything/any characters & pairings from that fandom -- but if someone else wants to pick a certain character/pairing from that fandom, they are definitely allowed to do so.

2.) What you write can be a short story, a poem -- anything.

3.) They can be any genre -- For example, I can't see rap influencing everyone in the same way, so if your story is gonna be humor that week, cause that's just what you think of when you hear the song, go for it. I'd love to read it. XD

4.) You're allowed to answer past challenges after the weeks for that song have already gone by. Just make sure you put the right song in your intro.

5.) You can sign up for as many characters and pairings as you want, but make sure you participate with them all! :D

6.) Please put all stories behind a cut -- the ideal post would be having the intro, and then the story cut below it. If you're putting the story in your own personal journal, please have the intro on the entry here and then a link (aka fake lj-cut) below, so everyone can see what they'll be reading before they click. ;D

7.) Please no flaming or bashing, keep comments respectful! This is for fun!

8.) When posting a challenge response, put your subject (fandom/character/pairing) as the tag of the entry. And the subject line as something like "Challenge # - subject" -- :D! Then put the intro below at the beginning of your entry. For an example, click here.

Intro to each response:

Should go like...

Title: (the title of the piece)
Subject: (this would be the fandom/character/pairing you picked)
Characters: (the characters featured in your story)
Fandom: (if you're writing about a character/pairing)
Challenge #/Song: (whatever challenge you're answering for with this piece, the number and the song)
Rating: (what rating would you give this? some people are at work/school when they read XD)

(NOTE: If your stories has spoilers for a certain part of your fandom, you might want to note it before the story. You don't have to, but it's always a good thing. ;D)

Notes is purely for fun and yays. Characters belong to their respective companies and this community is only for playing in the sandbox with them --- we're not making any money, nor are we aiming too. Also, all music belongs to it's respective bands and labels -- and all mp3s should be deleted after 24 hours of downloading. Thanks!

(Much love to angel_gidget for the community icon! <3)