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13 December 2009 @ 11:39 pm
Challenge # 10 - Dragon Age: Origins  
Title: Touched
Subject: Alistair
Characters: Alistair, Grey Warden
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Challenge #/Song: #7 - "Touched" - Vast
Rating: PG

Just a note: This has big spoilers for a possible ending in the game. THIS IS A WARNING if you haven't finished the game yet.

I, I looked into your eyes and

Saw a world that does not exist

I looked into your eyes and

Saw a world I wish I was in

Alistair rolled his shoulders back, testing the flexibility of the massive armor he would be expected to wear the rest of his life. It reminded him of the Templar armor he’d worn during training with the Chantry and it was stifling. Heavy, stiff and so…formal. The armor just didn’t feel right. Not on him. Royal blood be damned, he would never feel like the ruler of Fereldan, like a King. And that feeling had never been stronger than at this particular moment.

Light streamed into the main hall of the Royal Palace through the stained glass windows, casting brilliant multicolored rays across the stone floor. His eyes drifted to a window on his left and the land beyond it. They day was beautiful. Despite the terrible battle that occurred merely hours before , the sun shone bright and the few clouds that did drift in the sky shimmered with silver lining. The world was surely mocking him. The Blight was over and Alistair should have been relieved that the Grey Wardens of Ferelden--all two of them--had somehow managed to beat all possible odds and succeed in their duty. But he wasn’t relieved. In fact, he was the exact opposite. Part of him wished the Blight had yet to be over. At least then--A roar arose through the hall and Alistair turned his attention toward the back of the Hall.

There she was. The savior of Ferelden. The slayer of the Archdemon. The queller of the Blight. The keeper of his heart…Ailyn, the city elf from Denerim.

Humans, elves, and dwarves alike cheered as she marched through the Hall, eager for a glimpse of their Grey Warden and Alistair knew he would remember this moment for the rest of his life. How she carried herself like a Warden--full of duty, relief that it was finally over, and purpose. No, make that dedication. Staunch dedication. She was a Warden through and through and it was obvious with every step. And those eyes, those two emerald orbs that seemed to pierce through every millimeter of armor he wore. As she closed the distance between them, the expression on her face morphed from diligent to apologetic. Alistair could only imagine what she was seeing through those eyes. The man who didn’t belong on the throne? Maker knew that was the truth--he didn’t feel at home here. And he never would.

Before he realized it, Ailyn halted before the throne and the crowd quieted for the King’s speech. For a moment, Alistair waited with them.

King. Speech. Wait. That’s me.

When he finally spoke his voice boomed with the authority of a King and it startled him briefly. Never had he thought…but she was there and somehow it calmed him. As he addressed the Hall, his eyes never left hers. His mouth said one thing, but his mind was somewhere else entirely. He saw in those eyes her world as it stood at that moment. The Blight may have been quelled, but the Darkspawn were still a threat. Ailyn wouldn’t just let that go. She had taken to the Grey Wardens just as he had. Duncan may have used the act of conscription to recruit her, but with them Ailyn found Home. She would want to rebuild the Wardens, to raise their numbers and restore their strength should Ferelden call upon them again.

And he was right. He watched those emerald eyes as she announced her plan to restore the Wardens to their former glory. For a moment he saw within them a world that would no longer exist. A world where two Grey Wardens stumbled into something bigger than the both of them. A world where they found each other despite the darkness that surrounded them--a single beautiful rose amidst a dying bush. But she was no longer Ailyn and he was no longer Alistair. That world had gone. The rose had withered. Now they were nothing more than King and Grey Warden.

The Hall erupted into applause and suddenly Ailyn turned away from the throne. She descended the platform and waded through the crowd once more. Every now and then she stopped to speak with someone, but never for long. He knew she had always been wary of the spotlight. Once she wove her way through the crowd, the guards opened the great oak doors and light poured into the Hall. Alistair watched as she reached the threshold. He could just make out her tiny silhouette against the brightness beyond. She stopped for a brief moment, her fingers resting on the doorframe. Ailyn turned then, casting one last look back at throne. Then she was gone, lost into a world he wished he was in.

Rolling his shoulder again, Alistair looked down at the armor and sighed.

Current Music: "Touched" - VAST
Emily: Calvin/Hobbes huglusa_thul on December 14th, 2009 06:01 am (UTC)
You write such pretty stuff! Well, not pretty as in the story but the descriptions! You knew what I meant. I really liked reading that.
Aphy: Winsletsee_aphy_be on December 15th, 2009 03:39 am (UTC)
Aw Thank you <33333

(Alistair/Carth/Sanglant need to have that beer at the Seven Stars still. Just sayin')
truittcidur: pic#114387524truittcidur on July 23rd, 2012 03:21 pm (UTC)