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06 March 2008 @ 11:15 am
Challange # 8 - Wraeththu  
Title: Close Down
Subject: Wraeththu
Characters: Caeru, Pellaz
Fandom: Wraeththu
Challenge #/Song: #8 - "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" - Roisin Murphy
Rating: PG-13

Just a note, because I've noticed people are actually, like, reading these and this is confusing if you don't know it. Wraeththu are hermaphrodites, so they all have a dude looks like a lady thing going on, and the totally canon mpreg mentioned here is not exactly mpreg and I am not being a weird fangirl. Yes, these books are just that fantastically cracked out and awesome. Yay the end!

The Tigrina’s room probably should have reflected the rest of Immanion, all white and pure and gleaming, the pinnacle of civilization. But Rue enjoyed the tiny bit of rebellion that came from the dark walls and black furnishings. God knew he didn’t have many other ways to irritate Theide. His pale reflection stood out starkly in the glass of the mirror he sat before, a single small star in an ocean of black. The prefect image was only marred by the ugly dark bruise that swallowed his left cheek and the swollen, split lip beside it.

He’d fought with Pellaz again, of course, if it was possible to fight with someone who could throw you against a wall with their mind when they got tired of your arguments. He’d stopped caring much about it years ago. It was just the way his life was, and if it was not what he had ever wanted, well, what was there to do? He couldn’t just leave, not when they had him so nicely trapped in so many ways.

Giving his battered reflection a final, critical glance, he stood and turned away, rummaging through his closet of elegant silks and expensive jewels. He and Pell had to make some sort of pointless royal appearance today, he couldn’t remember what it was about. Nothing important, just one of those stand there and look pretty, be the Tigrina, pretend you two are happy things. He hated them.

Black, diamond-studded fingernails pawed with disinterest through the clothing, most of it as dark and dreary as the room. Then they settled on something tucked away, forgotten in the back that made him pause, then pull the garments out; clinging brown leather pants and a white vest. Nothing fancy except when he wore them. That had been a lifetime ago, at least. He hadn’t been a queen, hadn’t ruled anyone, just some crazy singer wanna be rock star in a band that managed to get local gigs but not any sort of huge fame. Just Rue, not Caeru, not Tigrina, with a damn good voice that could have gotten him far and enough charisma to make himself seem like a star. Strong and beautiful enough to have caught the attention of a strange, gorgeous har one night through the crowd and noise of a club.

He and Pellaz had had fun that one night. He hadn’t for a second expected it to last, but they’d had a good time, had gotten along. He’d known Pell wouldn’t stay, hadn’t given it another thought, not for a month or two anyways. But then things had gotten a lot more complicated, because that was what happened when you had a kid. He hadn’t come to Immanion to use Wolf as any sort of bribe or way to gain power from the new Tigron, no matter what Pell wanted to believe. He’d just figured his son could have a hell of a lot better life here with his father. And look how that situation had been manipulated and spun out of control until they were all trapped in this miserable web.

He gave the old clothing another thoughtful look, then shrugged off his robe, revealing another hand-shaped bruise wrapped like a hideous bracelet around his arm as the silk slid silently to the floor. Easy to slither into the low-cut, clinging pants, slide that vest back on. It must have been twenty years since he’d worn them, but har didn’t age like humans. The reflection in the mirror now looked very different indeed. Sure, he lacked the heavy eye makeup and teased, crimped hair that had usually gone with this sort of get-up, but somehow the simple costume was still more flattering and comfortable than any expensive robe would ever be. Only the bruises and blows marred the image. That and the dead, numb eyes. Those hadn’t been that way before, he knew that much. He used to enjoy life.

It reminded him of that human story, the fairy tale where the poor girl whose really just nobody gets a magical chance to go to the ball and meet the prince of her dreams. Except the girl in that story hadn’t gotten pregnant, and the prince hadn’t hated her for that, because he’d had another love of his life he was waiting for.

The knock at the door shattered his thoughts like a slap. It opened a moment later without waiting for acknowledgement. Pellaz looked perfect, but, then, he was perfect. Everyone loved him. Rue loved him. That was the most pathetic part, he thought. Everything happens and he fell in love with him anyways.

He turned away from the mirror to face him, leaning slightly against the vanity, challenging him silently; You couldn’t resist me, once.

“What the hell are you wearing? Caeru, we need to go.” If there was any flicker of memory on that face, it was impossible to tell.

“Will Wolf be there?” Or are you trying to keep my son away from me again, was the clear message beneath that, of course.

He was still so calm and beautiful and reasonable it made Rue want to scream. “No, there’s no need for Abrimel to attend.”

“That’s not his name! You weren’t even there¬-”

“Rue, I don’t want to play this game right now. Now get dressed.” Now there was a sharp, harsh element to Pellaz’s voice, something no one else would ever have heard because he didn’t hate anyone else.

“How long?” He demanded, shaking a few strands of pale blond hair out of his face defiantly.

“The ceremony will only be a few hours, after that we need to-”

Now it was Rue’s turn to cut him off angrily. “How long has my life been a game to you?”

He ignored the question, which was as bad as answering it. “Just get dressed.”

“Get the hell out and I will!” Once he might have thrown some stupid little knick-knack at him, but he’d lost the drive for that years ago. It always just caused more fights and arguments, which he almost always lost. He was smaller, after all, too thin, and Pell was a lot smarter than him, with far more power. Any kind of confrontation was invariably a waste of time. Didn’t stop him from initiation them, though.

“Five minutes. Then we need to leave.” For all the sharpness in his tone, Pellaz closed the door gently, quietly; he never slammed it, even when he was angry. It was a trait Rue hated himself for loving.

He stared numbly at the door for a moment, dead eyes unreadable before removing the old clothes, folding them neatly and hiding them in the back of the closet once more behind all the royal silks and elegant robes, then pulled one of them out, properly dark and beautiful and slightly sad; utterly suited to him. He slipped it on silently before taking a seat before the mirror once more and, reaching for some concealer, began to cover the bruises.
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I just ordered the first book of Paperback Swap. You best be right. ;)
Emily: Calvin/Hobbes huglusa_thul on March 7th, 2008 12:12 am (UTC)
Oh, you will so not be disappointed because these books are BEYOND AWESOME OMG!!!!!!